Creating - Informing - Inspiring!

We are heart messengers.  

Our team is dedicated to telling stories that matter.

We joyfully produce diverse multimedia content that convey powerful messages for worthy causes that can be shared on different digital media platforms.

Phavanna is a Southeast Asian name that means to produce and develop loving kindness through the heart and mind.  It was a sacred name given to Owner/Founder Phavanna Nina Bouphasavanh who is the Chief Content Creator for Phavanna Media. She is a passionate storyteller with a journalistic and humanitarian foundation.

As a versatile producer and interviewer, she is able to simplify complex stories and make them resonate with specific audiences.  As an effective writer, she is able to weave and craft words into all forms of visual masterpieces.

With over two decades of media experience in television news, media production, and digital marketing, she has the ability to work with a variety of agencies, production companies, and organizations.  

Phavanna Media has a focus in human-interest and documentary-style pieces while working with diverse populations.  

She ensures that every member of her production team is aligned with her passion for sharing stories with heart and soul.

Specialities + Services:

Producing - line + field + post






Speaking + Hosting

Still Photography