In The Moment

Are you able to hear the light whisper of the wind or the gentle crackle of winter's ice?  Can you feel your gaze linger on the shadows of the beating sun or feel your heartbeat change in rhythm?

It is in these simple, yet magical moments in life, when your internal universe is in sync with the earth.  As a storyteller, it is the finest of details in the world around us, that delivers the most profound effect.  

Being able to stay present and to discover the exact moment, and choosing to stay with it without judgment, is a form of meditation and revelation. While it may not seem like anything is happening, allowing a moment to breath, unfold, and just be, is where I strive to see. It is the space of creation and where I find the most inspiration.

I have journeyed into the hearts and minds of a wide range of fascinating people in my time, but getting there was not a sprint.  There was a meandering and a discovery, a passing of time that occurs just like when out on a winter walk, where your feet gets sticky with the snow or your cheeks are brushed with rose.  You embody the environment, take it in, and allow your senses to navigate and to investigate.

Being present in each moment - opens up every part of you and allows you to not miss life.

Life is what is happening now and capturing it through pictures, words, and sounds is my way of communicating with spirit -- an elevation to a higher plane.