Who is Phavanna?

Expressive.  Sometimes garrulous.

Often reflective.

Rarely without a smile. 

Always with a pen, planner, and camera (phone counts) on hand. 

I thought I would end up being a doctor...BUT that is not the case.  My sister crushed me when she flat out told me I would end up writing and being in a field where I would need to exercise my creativity. I was only 8 years old at the time. She was right (per usual).  Thanks Magic 8-Ball!

Decades later... I write and produce for a living.   I wouldn't want to do anything else... with the exception of being a world class sailor!   Another life, perhaps.

Growing up, I had a vivid imagination.  Writing poetry and fictional stories was what I loved to do most...next to swimming.  There was always a story to be told (sometimes about super heroes and haunted mansions) and feelings to express. I have countless journals and notebooks... some are forever lost in dumpster land and others are strewn about somewhere in my house.

Volunteering has been a big part of my life and I grew up loving the YMCA...even joined one of their student clubs where we promoted diversity in the school and in the community. We organized events and created elaborate displays for all to see.  

Little did I know, all the small things I loved doing, would add up to something greater in my adulthood.

My passion for the community landed me my first TV gig at the NBC station in Minneapolis. I felt like such an ugly duckling as a teen... zits, frizz and all.  I couldn't believe my face would appear on people's television screens.  I never dreamed about being on television.  In fact, I was perfectly content hiding under the covers during a thunderstorm.  Surprisingly, I lasted in front of the camera for several years after that.  That experience opened doors to so many other things and allowed me to live in other cities.  My journey to different newsrooms and companies helped me discover I wanted to tell stories for the rest of my life, but in my own way, and on different platforms.

Now I'm on my own - teaming up or riding solo on creative projects.  I come up with fresh ideas, coordinate logistics and crews, or create things from scratch.  I thrive and grow the most when I am working with different teams on a variety of subject matter.  Some days I'm writing scripts for a new scientific product, interviewing individuals for a video campaign, tracking details for a live production, balancing budgets, or capturing images and sounds for a local organization. 

Every day is different and I love it!

My heart is open to all of the glorious opportunities of creating, informing, and inspiring. 

I am living my dream (no one said it would be easy, but it's worth it in the end).


Love Fearlessly

Do you have a fearless open heart?

Being vulnerable and wide open to the unknown is a pure act of courage.  I believe it is an elevated state of being where magic is warmly invited and where the greatest life lessons come to surface. It is without a doubt when our true personal evolution begins. 

The heart is at the core of everything.

It’s an emotional dive into the mysterious depths of life where we can experience everything – good or bad – and still rise to the surface stronger and wiser.

Love is what all of us can give and experience if we’re open to it.

To love gives us presence and a moment of pause to feel.   To feel is to live…and when that feeling is fused with passion and purpose, our spirits can brilliantly shine and boldly dance.

I was once very attached to outcomes in everything that I did in life.  It became so paralyzing that I would be too scared to begin anything or would always sabotage what could have been something beautiful and powerful, because my mind would not allow it to come to fruition.

It disconnected me from my heart.

That fear erased possibilities… it created a door, when deep down, I was searching desperately for a window… to let gentle and nurturing sunlight peer through and engulf me.

Light won.

It took me a long time to get to this space.  I had to overcome a lot of heartache and self-sacrifice, but I made it and I’m more conscious and aware than ever before.

I have come to learn how the heart is a beautiful navigation tool and to never let it get dull.

Healthy love is generous and free. It is where giving is not about receiving but about acceptance and gratitude.  We can give to others abundantly and not be left destitute.  Believe it.

In love, I envision a beautiful ribbon tying souls together in divinity.   The knot varies in strength and size but the bond is secured in place.  Over time, a piece or an end may become loose and end up floating on its own…it may happen naturally or may be forced, but it is freely in motion.

We let the ribbon float joyfully until the worthiest soul or souls captures the other end for the first time…or again…gracefully tying a bow of loyalty and unconditional love.  It is that beautiful knot where blessings emerge. 

To give of yourself -- to trust and to let go is when we’re finally set free.  Be open to it!

May your hearts be fearless… and may that change bring more goodness to the world!

Let Your Light Shine!

Sometimes it's easier to stay hidden behind the clouds, but the universe is calling on all of us to shine our beautiful light -- to share our bountiful intrinsic gifts with those around us.  You might feel small or insignificant in this world, but the truth is... you MATTER and you are needed! 

It might take many years, and perhaps some deep soul-searching, to actually figure out what that special "something" is... but it's there within you and it's always been there.  To have the raw courage to believe in yourself and to take action, without expectation, is where the real journey begins and the adventure is worth every second.

Leave fear behind.

I'm finally on my long-awaited adventure where the destination is unknown and that is in itself what keeps the fire within me burning.  As a freelancer, I don't know what lies ahead, but I wake up each day with passion and purpose in my heart, because I am always creating something.  I know it is my path... because there is a lightness in my heart and I no longer feel dark clouds or shadows hovering over me or suffocating my spirit.  I know my happy place doesn't exist within the 9 to 5 time-frame and my life journey is not measured by awards, salaries, and titles. 

I'm here to create through words, images, and sounds, to either inform or inspire, and it adds so much value and meaning to my existence.  It's my light. I didn't fully embrace this at first, because I was always doubting myself and thinking I had to be "someone" or "something" else, when all I needed to do was to accept me for everything that I am.  I'm not a doctor or a lawyer.

I am a free spirit.  I am a creator.  I am heart-based. 

I choose to be an independent business owner, so I can be more present in life, and so I can focus on my passion of expression while also helping causes, communities, and individuals as much as I can.  

I truly believe life is not a competition...it's an exploration.   The possibilities are limitless!

May you have the curiosity and the strength to dive deep within and find what it is that fuels your heart and soul and go for it!  Whatever it is. 

Let's all help each other shine bright and light the way to more peace, freedom, love, and happiness!

In The Moment

Are you able to hear the light whisper of the wind or the gentle crackle of winter's ice?  Can you feel your gaze linger on the shadows of the beating sun or feel your heartbeat change in rhythm?

It is in these simple, yet magical moments in life, when your internal universe is in sync with the earth.  As a storyteller, it is the finest of details in the world around us, that delivers the most profound effect.  

Being able to stay present and to discover the exact moment, and choosing to stay with it without judgment, is a form of meditation and revelation. While it may not seem like anything is happening, allowing a moment to breath, unfold, and just be, is where I strive to see. It is the space of creation and where I find the most inspiration.

I have journeyed into the hearts and minds of a wide range of fascinating people in my time, but getting there was not a sprint.  There was a meandering and a discovery, a passing of time that occurs just like when out on a winter walk, where your feet gets sticky with the snow or your cheeks are brushed with rose.  You embody the environment, take it in, and allow your senses to navigate and to investigate.

Being present in each moment - opens up every part of you and allows you to not miss life.

Life is what is happening now and capturing it through pictures, words, and sounds is my way of communicating with spirit -- an elevation to a higher plane.